Product Details

12v Spreader


- Suitable for all granulated dry materials such as bait, seed, fertiliser. - 60 litre oly hopper (approx 1 bag or urea) - Spreading width of 2 to 14 metres - varaible speed 12v motor with speed control switchbox. - Stainless Steel spinner, rate slide and agitator. - spreading rates (Urea) 6 to 174 kg/ha at 10 km/hr. - SUpplied with 2 sturdy mount btackest for ATV carrier.

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Main Product Groups

  • Seating for Tractors, Forklifts, Excavators, Harvesters, Lawnmowers, skid steer loaders
  • PTO shafts and accessories 
  • Crop Spraying components 
  • Flowmeters 
  • Lechler and Albuz crop spraying nozzles 
  • Simol parking jacks 
  • Trailer towing eyes 
  • Rotating beacons, agricultural lighting accessories HID and LED worklights, 
  • LED torches