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100 lpm Filter with transparent bowl


Transparetn Bowl Fuel Filter. 1" BSPF fittings. Flow capcaiy 100 ipm. Filters down to 5 micron. Frain tap for gravity captured water.

12v 80 lpm diesel transfer kit (meter, auto nozzle)


Maestri Mini Bowsers, 12 and 240v options. Code: M.DB.80/C.12.PRO 12/24 MINI BOWSER, 80ipm. Supplied with 2m suction hose with foot valve and strainer. 6m delivery hose with swaged fittings, auto shutoff nozzle. 3 dgit flowmeter with resettable main display and 9 digit non resettable totaliser. Default is 12v and can be modified .

12v pump (bare) 45 lpm open flow


Maestri Diesel transfer Pumps. Code: M.870 12v 45 ipm (free Flow) vane pump eoth IP55 water ingress resistance rating. Internal pressure bypass to prevent damage from running with nozzle shut.3/4 BSPF inlet and outlet. ON/OFF switch on pump body. Max current draw of 22 amo at 12v.

12v Urea/AdBlue complete pump


Urea/AdBlue/Water Transfer Pump Kit. Code: M.4000/12C Complete ppump kit for water/urea/AdBlue. 12V. 18 amp diaphragm pump. 2.5m suction hose with plastic non return valve. 2.5m discharge hose. Manual plastic nozzle. 2m electrica; cavle with aligator clips.

180 lpm diesel pump, 24volt


High Capacty Diesel Trasfer Pumps. Code: M.1024 24v - 18ipm - 1.1/2" BSPF inlet and outlet. max 2 bar - 50A/1530w. 460 x 190 x 350mm

19mm ID Spiral Suction hose fuel grade (per m) 25 m rolls


Fittings/Hoses. Code: M.904 19mm ID Duper Flex Suction Hose .

240v diesel pump, 200 lpm


High Capacity Diesel ransfer Pumps. code: M.1000/200 240V - 200ipm with 1.1/2 NSPF inlet and outlet - max 2.5 bar -385 x 430 x 500mm.

25mm ID Spiral Suction Hose fuel grade (per m) 25m rolls


Fittings/Hoses. Code: M.905 25mm ID Super Flex Suction Hose.

3 digit Mechanical Flow Meter (flow 20 to 120 lpm )


Diesel Flow Meters - Urea Flow Meters. Code: M.802 3 digit mecanical fuel with 1" BSP ports. Face can be rotated in 90 degree incerments reserrable main display. non ressrable 6 digit totaliser. suits flow rates of 20 to 120ipm.

4 digit mechanical fuel flow meter (20 to 120 lpm)


Diesel Flow Meters - Urea Flow Meters. Code: M.804 4 digit version of above.

430L Diesel Tank with 12v pump 40 lpm


Maestri 430 litre Diesel Cartage Tank and Pump. Code: M.430DT/12V 430 litre diesel grade polethylene tank - made in italy. designed for stacking with anti slip lugs. Breather and rotary dial fuel gauge. Fitted with Maestri 40 ipm rotary vane pump (M870). Delivery hos and auto nozzle. Shutoff valve on suction line from tank. REctangular shape allows maximum usage of available space.

Ad-Blue 125 litre tank with 40lpm 12v pump auto nozzle


125L Urea/Water transportable tank. Complete with 12V Urea/Water compatible pump 40Lpm, 4m electrical cable with clamps, On/Off switch, rigid suction pipe with foot valve, security valve, 4m of discharge hose with automatic SS nozzle.

Automatic Nozzle for Urea/Adblue/Water


Urea/Water/AdBlue Accessories. Code: M.729/Adblue Auto Shutoff Nozzle Suitable for 40 ipm flow. 20mm stainless hose barb.

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