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Foammarker 24 litre single sided Economy


Function: - Economy Foam Marker Kit - Switch is on Compressor Box - 20m of 8/10mm Capillary tubing, horizontal droper

Kit G2v Display


Salavarani Ultrasonic Control - P180 Control box/monitor with provision for ultrasonic tree sensors. Ultrasonic sensors detect presence of trees and switch on/off sprayer valves. Monitor displays pressure speed, area. Alarms for under/overpressure and under/over speed. Automatic (controlled by sensors) or manual (controlled by operator) control of sprayer section valves Supplied as a kit with power lead monitor ultrasonic sensor pressure transducer speed sensor wiring loom Description:Monitor Kit for Ultrasonic control - 2 section Code: 909-G2V-D

Star washer


TFL solenoid (210539) do not use


Solenoid Valves - 12v. 2 way direct acting selonid with 1/8 BSPF Ports. 18 ipm at 4 bar 4 bar 210539

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