Agrispares - About Us

Established in 1992 in response to many requests for a more helpful and friendly style of wholesale supplier in the field of agricultural parts, we continue to have a high priority on customer service. We are a family owned company with two generations actively involved.

The company operates from a central location, Adelaide, capital city of South Australia and despatches daily via airbag and prepaid express freight to customers throughout Australia. This efficiency of operations allows rapid response to customer needs as well as economies of scale and more efficient stockholding methods, all of which has a positive flow on effect on pricing.

If you want to visit our warehouse you can find us on our location map.

This website has been designed to allow full and open access to our product range, to obtain pricing online please contact us for a login.

We aim to be responsive to customer needs and welcome suggestions as to new products that our customers require.

Please email us with any questions or comments you have. By improving our product selection we can be of more assistance to you and we welcome input from our customers.

Thank you for visiting us, we hope we have been able to assist you.

  • Polmac spraying equipment
  • Braglia fluid spraying and engineering products
  • tractor forklift mower and suspension seats
  • driveshafts
  • flow meters
  • Lechler Spray Technology products
  • diesel pumps
  • Sinopower industrial and agricultural products
  • pumps / generators
  • pressure gauges
  • beacons
  • flojet
  • foammarkers
  • sprayguns
  • 3 Point Linkages
  • horticultural sprayers
  • crop spraying components
  • crop spraying pumps
  • diesel and or oil transfer equimpment
  • electronic pruners
  • flow control for horticultural sprayers
  • foam markers
  • sealing compounds
  • pressure gauges
  • pressure washers
  • engines and pumps
  • tractor turbo kits
  • trailer components